Logitech G500 Mouse Review (Day 533 - 5 11 11)04:48

Logitech G500 Mouse Review (Day 533 - 5 11 11)

Logitech G500 Mouse Review (Day 533 - 5/11/11)
Date: May 11th, 2011
Running Time: 4:48

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  • Stephen's dorm
  • McDonald's


Stephen wakes up to find a notes that reads,

Real American,
If you're awake and I'm not, please wake me up.
Thanks, Build Master

Stephen explains that he has been listening to the song "I am a Real American" by Rick Derringer and refers to himself as the "Build Master". They stop by McDonald's and Stephen finds out that they have side salads.

Later, Stephen gives a brief review of the Logitech G500 mouse. One neat feature, especially for gamers, is the built-in adjustable sensitivity. The mouse is also larger than his previous one, which makes it fit better in his hand. He asks the viewers what their experiences with computer mice is.

He also announces that he has created an LP schedule to let people see when episodes will debut.

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