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Live at Dan's with Stephen & Mal!

Livestream (Day 1298 - 6 14 13)11:02

Livestream (Day 1298 - 6 14 13)

Livestream (Day 1298 - 6/14/13)
Date: June 14th, 2013
Running Time: 11:02



  • Jacksonville, Florida
    • Dan's apartment
    • A grocery store
    • Black Sheep
    • Gorilla Games


Stephen wakes up Dan with a guitar song, similar to the one on Day 352 (according to Stephen, it was Mal's idea).  They go grocery shopping for a slow cooker meal, start the meal at the apartment, then head to Black Sheep for lunch.  Afterwards, they go to Gorilla Games where Stephen picks up Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix (GCN) and Ecco the Dolphin (GEN).  They try to go to another game store, but it's closed down.

Back at Dan's apartment, they do a quick test stream while dinner cooks.  They eat dinner during the livestream, then play a game of Ascension.  


  • Dan: "Let's meet back tomorrow, don't we?"


  • Stephen's game collection can be found here.

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