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Library Lookin' (Day 195 - 6 7 10)05:58

Library Lookin' (Day 195 - 6 7 10)

Library Lookin' (Day 195 - 6/7/10) Date: June 7, 2010 Length: 5:58



  • Stephen's parent's house
  • IHOP
  • County Memorial Library


The internet connection problem is fixed and Stephen's copy of Pokemon HeartGold comes in. This is the first day of Rocko's diet too. They go to the library because Mal wants some books to read. They go to IHOP and end the day with Stephen speaking as Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear.


  • "And maybe you'll see more of me, the dog that ripped someone's heart out that was tattooed by a man who didn't know much of the alphabet." ~ Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear
    • "I don't know why I do these things." ~ Stephen

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