Let's Go Meet Some Douchers! (Day 242 - 7 24 10)-010:16

Let's Go Meet Some Douchers! (Day 242 - 7 24 10)-0

Let's Go Meet Some Douchers!(Day 242 - 7/24/10)
Date: July 24, 2010
Length: 10:15

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  • Stephen's Parent's House
  • Stephen's Car
  • Mustang Car Show
  • Loris' Scene
  • Spartanburg, SC
  • Spartanburg Mall
  • Spartanburg hotel
  • Chick-fil-a (mentioned only)


The vlog begins with Stephen opening a package from Amazon, which is a 16GB memory card for Mallory's T2i. After departing from the house, Stephen and Mallory meet Justin, Jarrett, and Laura for lunch. Then, all of them go to a Mustang Car Show. After the car show, Stephen and Mallory go back home to finish packing for Gatlinburn, TN. However, they are only going as far as Spartanburg today. On the way to Spartanburg, they see a store called Loris' Scene and discuss the city in SC named Loris. When they get to Spartanburg, they check into the hotel and then go to the mall. At the mall, they see Magic packs, so they decide to buy some and bring them back to the hotel to play pack wars. At the hotel, they watch t.v. and eat Chick-fil-a they got at the mall.


  • This is the only vlog in which comments are disabled.


  • Jarret: "There's another thing you need to know about Mustangs. Other than, you know, a few prime examples like my friend Justin here, Mustang owners are usually a bunch of douchers."
    • Stephen: "Well, let's go meet some douchers!"

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