Leo Carrillo (Day 1683 - 7 4 14)09:32

Leo Carrillo (Day 1683 - 7 4 14)

Leo Carrillo (Day 1683 - 7/4/14)
Date: July 4th, 2014
Running Time: 9:32

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  • Alex's car
  • Lily's Cafe
  • Leo Carrillo State Park
  • Alex's apartment
  • SteamPunk


It's independence day, so Stephen, Mal, Alex, and Hayley take a trip out to Leo Carrillo State Park. Stephen gets a bunch of cool underwater shots in the tide pools with the GoPro. As has become very common on this trip, they continue pointing out things in the city that look similar to Grand Theft Auto V. They finish the day with some Chinese delivery and card games.

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