Late Night Taco Bell Run (Day 96 - 2 28 10)03:25

Late Night Taco Bell Run (Day 96 - 2 28 10)

Late Night Taco Bell Run (Day 96 - 2 28 10)
February 28th, 2010
Running Time: 3:25

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  • Stephen's Dorm
  • Alex's car


Stephen opens his door as Alex was rubbing his hands down it to make a squeeking noise. Stephen and his roomates are in Alex's car going to Taco Bell late at night, even though they've already had dinner. When Alex asks what Dan wants to drink, Stephen reminds him that they made sweet tea last night. Alex makes two orders at the speaker. After getting the orders, he drives around back into the drive-thru to make another two orders. On the way back home Stephen and Alex compare the quality of different restaurants (Taco Bell, Chick-fil-a, Zaxby's, and McDonald's). The vlog ends back in the dorm with Dan telling Stephen that it is now March.

Quotes Edit

  • Alex:(at drive-thru the second time)"Imma do two orders, again."
  • Alex:(refering to McDonald's meat)"I mean it is dog food grade meat, but it's delicious. Put enough sugar and LSD in there that you forget about the dog food.

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