Last Show Ever (Day 401 - 12 30 10)05:12

Last Show Ever (Day 401 - 12 30 10)

Last Show Ever (Day 401 - 12/30/10)
Date: December 30th, 2010
Running Time: 5:12

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  • Stephen's Parent's House
  • Dixie Stampede


Tomorrow is the last show ever at the Dixie Stampede, so Stephen, his parents, and Austin, decide to head to the Dixie Stampede for their final show ever before they close down their doors. As they head to the Dixie Stampede, Stephen's mother mentions that she has a picture of him when he was little when they first went to the Dixie Stampede. After seeing the Dixie Stampede show for the final time before it becomes Pirates Voyage, Stephen talks about the Dixie Stampede being his nostalgic place, and how after 18 years it will be gone, and talks about another nostalgic place that was gone. He then closes the day by asking us to comment about some of our nostalgic places that are going to be gone, or are gone, then says that he is going to miss the Dixie Stampede.


  • Stephen went to the Dixie Stampede with his parents on his father's birthday on day 281.

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