Last Day of College (Day 555 - 6 2 11)09:21

Last Day of College (Day 555 - 6 2 11)

Last Day of College (Day 555 - 6/2/11)
Date: June 2nd, 2011
Running Time: 9:20

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  • Stephen's Dorm - SCAD
  • Outside Stephen's Dorm - SCAD
  • Stephen's Parents' Car


This is it folks! Today is Stephen's final day of college...So is Dan's...and Alex's...and Taylor's (for now)... Guess what that means? It's time for celebration...Sort of!


  • This clip features the Vestige, which Alex was programming at the time. Info on the game can be found on his site here. The game was also available for download, though the links according to one comment from a month ago don't seem to work anymore. Alex's current site can be found here.
  • Stephen also provided a link to the live stream page on SCAD's website to watch the live stream of Stephen's graduation. However, the link only works on the day of the graduation, and Stephen & company are graduates of the Class of 2011 at SCAD as of the publishing of this wiki page.
  • Taylor actually spent two more years at SCAD following his graduation, and fully graduated from SCAD earning his master's degree two years later.


  • Stephen: "Look at the fire hydrant! It's exploded!"
  • Stephen: "Oh! Probably should mention, today is the last day of college!"

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