Lake Powell Tour -4K Vlog- • 5.2706:21

Lake Powell Tour -4K Vlog- • 5.27.17

Lake Powell Tour [4K Vlog] • 5.27.17
Date: May 27th, 2017
Running time: 6:20

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Lake Powell Tour - GoPro Timelapse



  • Wahweap Marina (Page, AZ)
  • Boat on Lake Powell (Page, AZ)
  • Tahoma House (Page, AZ)


View from Arizona rental house

View from Arizona rental houseany aTaken by Stephen

Stephen and Mallory and company are back in the same area they were in the previous day to see Antelope Canyon, but this time are going down to the marina for a tour of Lake Powell.

As they enjoy their scenic boat tour, they see various other people kayaking, fishing, paddle surfing and other activities on the water. They even see their rental house from the water!

Now that the tour's over, they're back at the rental house, enjoying the view from the back while they wait on their turn for lunch. Mallory has also been doing some watercolor paintings based on Arizona. She's painted a prickly pear, and is in progress of painting one of a sunset and one of Antelope Canyon.


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