LadyGaga20:34 balls (Day 1215 - 3 23 13)-0 (Day 1215 - 3/23/13)
Date: March 23rd, 2013
Running Time: 20:34

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  • Boston, MA
    • North Street Grill
    • The Runaway Guys: Thrown Controllers (panel)
    • Bertucci's
    • The hotel room


The day starts off with breakfast at North Street Grill, and then proceeds to the meetup, where the gang meet a handful of fans of the vlog/LP channel. They later attend The Runaway Guys "Thrown Controllers" panel. Stephen & co. later meet up with Paul and his girlfriend Amy for dinner, and last but not least end off the day playing "Cards Against Humanity" with Josh Jepson. The title of the vlog is then said by Dan while they play "Cards Against Humanity". The vlog is ended by the fans from the meetup saying "Let's meet back tomorrow, shall we?"

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