L'Chaim (Day 853 - 3 26 12)11:48

L'Chaim (Day 853 - 3 26 12)

L'Chaim (Day 853 - 3/26/12)
Date: March 26th, 2012
Running Time: 11:47

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  • Stephen's apartment


Corey says that he has watched all of the Vlog days up to the most recent one released, and he sends Stephen a birthday card, a Zubat pokémon card, and drawings of Stephen's parents. Jarid talks about how he watched the Fobbies Are Borange finale and how he looks forward to meeting Stephen if he is ever in Columbia.


  • Stephen films Days 853-855 on the same day.
  • L'Chaim is not French like Stephen says, it is of Hebrew origin.
  • "That's a lot of words" is a reference to Day 738.

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