Kumquat! (Day 860 - 4 2 12)09:44

Kumquat! (Day 860 - 4 2 12)

Kumquat! (Day 860 - 4/2/12)
Date: April 2nd, 2012
Running Time: 9:44

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  • Stephen's car
  • Bok Tower Gardens
  • Tsunami Sushi
  • Stephen's hotel


Stephen and Mallory meet with Clyde and Heidi who they know from and go with them to Bok Tower Gardens. They spend some time looking at trees, squirrels, spiders, and other wildlife and then eat at Tsunami Sushi. Stephen and Mallory make pizza for dinner and then Mallory says that she is the Scatman.


  • Stephen is referring to The Mist when he screams in the beginning of the Vlog day. He also does this on Day 728.
  • Mallory's pictures of Bok Tower Gardens: Bok Tower Gardens.

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