Knot Puppies

The Knot Puppies' latest album, Krafted Singles


In the Spring quarter of 2009, four students at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) were assigned to create a piece of art that best illustrated the concept of Learning in their Psychology class. Since it could be in any medium they chose, they decided to write a song. So, Stephen opened up GarageBand - and all hell broke loose. They produced their first song entitled, “Learning” which took only 15 minutes to create. It features Stephen singing lead vox with Alex singing the “harmony.” He actually didn’t know most of the words - thats why it sounds like he is murmuring. The third verse featured Dan on lead vox, Stephen and Alex singing back vox. Needless to say, they never turned in the project. However, they did decide on a band name, made a Facebook Fan page, a YouTube page, and decided to register the domain on the interwebs: All of their songs are improvisational.

The band consists of four members: Stephen, Dan, Alex, and Taylor.

They produced many great songs such as "Butter" (which featured in the Day 319 Vlog), "Let Me Tell You", "Trip To Poland (Robot Hitler Is A Trashcan)", "Nazi Grocery Store (Do You Have Red Shirts Here?)" (which was used briefly in the Day 60 Vlog when Stephen went to the Kayak Kafe), "Circle of Life", and "Patrón In The Club (In the Club with Patrón)". Their songs were removed from their YouTube page and their website was taken down in late 2011 since much of their song content was extremely stupid. They figured it might be hard to land a job with songs about poop floating around the internet.

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