Kitties! (Day 392 - 12 21 10)05:56

Kitties! (Day 392 - 12 21 10)

Kitties! (Day 392 - 12/21/10)
Date: December 21st, 2010
Running Time: 5:56

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  • Mark's House
  • Mallory's Car
  • Humane Society Center
  • Mallory's Mother's House


Mallory falls ill with what Stephen had two days ago, but then recovers. They stop by to GameStop to return their copy of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, where they found out that there was a GameStop on their way to Appleton that had a copy of the same game. After heading out back on the road, they stop by at the Humane Society Center to pet some kitties. They spent some time playing with them, before leaving the Humane Society Center to continue to Appleton. After getting their copy of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy replaced at the Game Stop on their way to Appleton (off-screen), they drive slowly on the highway since it's icy and very slippery. Finally, Stephen and Mallory arrive in Appleton at Mallory's mother's house, where they eat cookies and watch a Saturday Night Live special. Stephen then asks the people who don't like kitties how could they not love the little kitties before ending the day.



  • Stephen: "But how could you not love those little kitties?"
  • Stephen: "He's like a dog!"
    • Mallory: "Hi!"

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