KarVlog (Day 395 - 12 24 10)06:24

KarVlog (Day 395 - 12 24 10)

KarVlog (Day 395 - 12/24/10)
Date: December 24th, 2010
Running Time: 6:24

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  • Karley's Car
  • Quick Trip Gas Station
  • Manderfield's Home Bakery
  • Dawn's House
  • Mallory's Car
  • Mallory's Aunt Cindy's House


The vlog begins with Karley explaining that Stephen has let her vlog her trip to Manderfield's to get doughnuts. Stephen, Mallory, and Karley then head off to Aunt Cindy's House where the group and Dawn's side of the family celebrate Christmas Eve, allowing the audience to see the family and all the crazy adventures that occur. the vlog ends with Stephen and Mallory complimenting Karley on handling the vlog so well.

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