Just Cause 2 Is A Big Game (Day 150 - 4 23 10)-002:27

Just Cause 2 Is A Big Game (Day 150 - 4 23 10)-0

Just Cause 2 Is A Big Game (Day 150 - 4/23/10)
Date: April 23rd, 2010
Running Time: 2:27

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  • Dan's Dorm Room


The Vlog starts off with Stephen and Dan discussing how Just Cause 2 got an update and Dan brought in Taylor to help him complete it. Dan has 56% of the game completed and all faction/main story missions completed. Dan starts to explain they move of attack to complete the entire game. He begins to tell Stephen how he has to find all collectibles and complete all races. Stephen then says the title! Dan says that many 100% the game and that you do not get anything for it. The Vlog ends with Stephen saying that not many people are going to 100% the game.

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