June 2015 - StephenMail22:46

June 2015 - StephenMail

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Mail ShownEdit

Senders Content
Savina (Featured Letter)
Fairfax, VA
Youtube: N/A
  • Letter
  • 2 Rewards of Excellence
  • Art: Sword Art Online, Sailor Moon, Ness, Lucas, Toon Link
Toronto, ON
Youtube: N/A
  • Soul Calibur 2(GCN)
  • Pokémon cards of Stephen's Leaf Green
  • Pokémon cards of Skitty
Greensburg, PA
EnZo Soull
  • Assassins Creed III(360)
Winsted, MN
Youtube: N/A
  • Super Mario Advanced 4: Super Mario Bros. 3(GBA)
  • Olympic Hockey 98(N64)
  • Charley Blast Territory(N64)
  • Shadowman(N64)
  • NBA Live 2000(N64)
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six(N64)
  • Paperboy(N64)
  • Mace: The Dark Age(N64)
  • Chopper Attack(N64)
  • V-Rally Edition 99(N64)
Ottawa, ON
Youtube: Bagel 7978
  • Letter
  • Sega Genesis GAMER mug
  • Canadian Chocolates
Port Elgin, ON
Youtube: Chloe Bella
  • Letter
  • Pokémon: Omega Ruby(3DS)
  • Pokémon: Soul Silver(DS)
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney(DS)
  • Miles Edgeworth: Investigations(DS)
  • Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse(360)
  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Player's guide
  • Various candy
  • Cards: Magic The Gathering + Pokémon
  • Physical Pokédex(up to #493: Arceus)

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