July 2015 - StephenMail14:52

July 2015 - StephenMail

Running Time: 14:51

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Mail ShownEdit

Senders Content
Shawn (Featured Letter)
Terre Haute, IN
YouTube: N/A
  • Letter only
Deckerville, MI
Youtube: N/A
  • Pixel Art: Link, Bulbasaur, iron shovel, iron pikaze, torch,

Torchic, pepper, cow, water bottle, blue rupee, Pokéball,

fishing rod, Tri-Force

Escabana, MI
Youtube: iluvecake5234
  • 2 letters
  • Pinkie Pie's Party (DS)
  • Magnets: Animal Crossing monkey Stephen,

Animal Crossing duck Mal

  • Fashion: Large tote

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