Jacob Ian Bonner Is Pretty Darn Cute (Day 166 - 5 9 10)-006:08

Jacob Ian Bonner Is Pretty Darn Cute (Day 166 - 5 9 10)-0

Jacob Ian Bonner Is Pretty Darn Cute (Day 166 - 5/9/10)
Date: May 9th, 2010
Running Time: 3:43

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Mom, You're Awesome (Day 166 BONUS)


Locations Edit

  • Stephen's Dorm
  • Ian's House
  • Sam's
  • Walmart


Stephen starts off the vlog by talking about Mother's Day, then how they're going to see Ian's baby, Jacob, if Ian calls back and take pictures of Ian's house. They go to Ian's house, then go to Sam's. Stephen edits in the "That's Dan" screen after Dan says "That's what she said." They continue shopping at Walmart, then go to the dorm where Alex drinks Mountain Dew White Out, and comments on how much it tastes like Sprite. Stephen cleans his room. He and Dan sing "Mom, You're Awesome."

Notes Edit

  • That's dan

    That's Dan

    Dan gets the That [Name] treatment. Emile gets it later on Day 1993.


  • Dan: "If he calls us back... well, not the baby, but Ian."
    • Stephen: "Well, when the baby calls back."
  • Alex: "1 part Mountain Dew, and like 9 parts Sprite, and then you put a drop of lemon juice in, and you put some water in there."

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