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Jacksonville Game Stores (Day 1301 - 6 17 13)13:13

Jacksonville Game Stores (Day 1301 - 6 17 13)

Jacksonville Game Stores (Day 1301 - 6/17/13)
Date: June 17th, 2013
Running Time: 13:13



  • Jacksonville, Florida
    • Dan's apartment
    • Games Galore
    • Game Force
  • Game Over! (Fernandina Beach, FL)
  • Game Over! (Kingsland, GA)
  • Planet Fun (Savannah, GA)
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen and Mal say goodbye to Dan before heading back home. On the way there, they stop by several game stores. While in Savannah, Stephen recalls why he would not want to live here. They encounter incredibly heavy rain on the way back (at one point Stephen had to stop driving because he couldn't see the road). He ends the vlog by laying out all their games and game-related purchases.

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