It's Not Griefing If You Deserve It (Day 448 - 2 15 11)08:07

It's Not Griefing If You Deserve It (Day 448 - 2 15 11)

Ear It's Not Griefing If You Deserve It (Day 448 - 2/15/11)
Date: February 15, 2011
Running Time: 8:07

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  • Stephen's dorm


Alex decides to blow up basically everything in his roommates' Minecraft server in front of Stephen and Taylor to "teach him a lesson" - earlier, Stephen had punched a hole in Alex's glass which he immediately repaired. Fortunately, it's just a ruse, as Alex blows up his own home.

Stephen wants to play a joke on Dan so they bring him in to Alex's room and show him Alex blowing up his pyramid. As Stephen and Taylor exchange chuckles while Alex proceeds to destroy Dan's home, Dan gets angry, curses at Alex, and tells his roommates that he isn't going to play Minecraft again. At the end of the vlog, they finally tell Dan the joke, and he's okay.



  • Alex: "Sometimes you just got to learn."
    • Stephen: "I take your stone and your dirt, so you blow up mine and Dan's house to kingdom come?"

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