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It's Mexican So You Know It's Good (Day 293 - 9 13 10)12:36

It's Mexican So You Know It's Good (Day 293 - 9 13 10)

It's Mexican So You Know It's Good (Day 293 - 9/13/10)
Date: September 13th, 2010
Running Time: 12:35



  • Stephen's Car
  • Panera Bread
  • Savannah Dorms


Today is the first day of class. Stephen and his parents grab breakfast at Panera Bread, then Debra and Steve leave for Myrtle Beach.

Stephen goes to class, then explains SCAD's "quarter system". His senior project, which is a film, takes place over the course of three quarters (basically an entire year). He also has to submit an artist's statement in the next few days, explaining his goals for the future. In reflecting on this, he has found that he enjoys doing shorts over feature-length films, especially with online media. His primary goal for the future is to enjoy what he is doing with his career, not necessarily to earn copious amounts of money.

While talking about the film project, he considers the fact that he might take on an original project instead of joining a group. If he does do this, he would like to make something similar to one of his previous short films, Visiting. The film contains no spoken dialogue, which Stephen likes in terms of style (it would make the project a lot easier).

The first dinner of the year is chicken burgers with real chicken! Stephen also talks about how he and his roommates do meals. Normally they make dinners together, but lunches are done separately. Stephen notes that he generally reverts to ramen. Copious amounts of ramen.

Taylor, Dan and Alex return from Wal-Mart. They discuss bottle caps for a bit, and Stephen shows off Alex's nifty new room configuration.

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