It's Like Eating A Phone! • 3.410:55

It's Like Eating A Phone! • 3.4.17

It's Like Eating A Phone! • 3.4.17
Date: March 4th, 2017
Running Time: 10:54

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    • Cafe
    • Japanese art building
    • Outside area
  • Alex and Hayley's apartment
  • Mexican restaurant


Stephen, Alex, Mal and Hayley head to LACMA for the day. They spend some time looking at works by Warhol, Picasso, Magritte, Pollock and others, while Stephen attempts to recognize paintings and talks about how much he likes the open space. They then go to the museum's cafe to get some sandwiches for lunch.

Next, they go to the Japanese art building, and Stephen points out how unique the architecture is and how it suits the Japanese theme. Besides that, Stephen also highlights an 'ouroboros of puppies' hand warmer and a painting of a boar.

They also go outside after that to look at an artwork consisting of many streetlamps, and then go back inside to look at more art. Stephen continues to point out random pieces like I Hate Fridays and "the world's biggest cat tree", and features a huge toy car track installation because it is "like [his] childhood dream come true".

Finally, Alex and Hayley walk under a huge rock placed above a path sunken into the ground, while Stephen stands far away and films them.

They then go back to the apartment, where Stephen took a nap to sleep off a headache (from constipation?). Stephen also mentions that Hayley has finished all the graphics she needs for the stream they will be having the next day. Following that, they go get some Mexican food for dinner, and Mal points out the huge size of her burrito by comparing it to her phone.

They spent the time after dinner watching some YouTube videos. Before ending the vlog, Alex and Hayley discuss when this vlog will come out, and suggest that Pokémon are good for Stephen's personal brand.

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