It's Just Like the Game! (Day 1681 - 7 2 14)10:15

It's Just Like the Game! (Day 1681 - 7 2 14)

It's Just Like the Game! (Day 1681 - 7/2/14)
Date: July 2nd, 2014
Running Time: 10:15

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  • Los Angeles Airport
  • Alex's car
  • Maker Studios
  • Alex's apartment
  • Fish in the Village


Stephen and Mal arrive in LA and are greeted by Alex and Hayley! Everything in the city looks exactly like Grand Theft Auto V. They visit Maker Studios, the office of the network Stephen works for. They get a tour of Alex's apartment and Alex gifts Stephen a copy of Austin Powers Pinball for the PlayStation. After a nap, they spend some time in the pool.

They have dinner at Fish in the Village, then decide to watch The Room, a horrifically bad film.

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