Is 'Retardy' A Word? (Day 197 - 6 9 10)10:44

Is 'Retardy' A Word? (Day 197 - 6 9 10)

Is 'Retardy' A Word?
Date: June 9, 2010
Length: 10:44

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  • Stephens parents house
  • Carrabas
  • Myrtle Beach Board Walk
  • Wallmart


It's Stephen's parents 26th anniversary and Stephen writes them a nice card. They go to Carrabas for dinner. They go to the Boardwalk afterwards and then play scrabble.


  • The Title: Stephen is playing scrabble with his parents and there is question about whether Retardy is a real word.


  • "Is 'Retardy' A Word?" - Stephen Georg
  • "Should we tell him about being a test-tube baby?" - Steve

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