Intro to Painting - Animal Crossing39:04

Intro to Painting - Animal Crossing

Intro to Painting - Animal Crossing
Date: May 22nd, 2016
Running Time: 39:03

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Animal Crossing - Time Lapse Painting


Animal Crossing is the second episode of Intro to Painting on MalMakes. In this episode, Mal goes over a technique for painting clouds and a blue sky. She also touches briefly on shading and highlights.

This painting is entitled "Floating Gift".


  • Canvas: 18x24 Gessoed in white
  • Brushes: Acrylic Brushes: A large flat, a large round, a small round (about a size 4), a tiny round detail brush.
  • Paints: Acrylics such as Liquitex Heavy Body or Golden Artist Acrylics (Heavy Body) in Magenta, Cyan, Mars Black, and Titanium White.


  • Posters and prints of this painting can be purchased here.

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