I Regret That Hot Dog • 3.2607:52

I Regret That Hot Dog • 3.26.17

I Regret That Hot Dog • 3.26.17
Date: March 26th, 2017
Running Time: 7:51

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  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen and Mal's house
  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen and Mallory go grocery shopping at Costco, which Stephen associates with hot dogs since he always gets a hot dog when he's there. However, his impression of the hot dog gets worse quickly as he finds himself regretting the hot dog. He asks Mal to tell him not to eat anymore hot dogs from Costco.

At home, Mal is adjusting a bird feeder she bought some time ago, so that squirrels can't eat from the feeder. Stephen also mentions that it's a very nice day. Later, they go over to his parents' house to feed and spend time with Rocko since his parents are out of town for a few days.

Back at the house, Mal cooks up some chicken for dinner, while Stephen talks about what they managed to accomplish today, namely their plans for content on April Fools' Day. They plan to film the videos the next day using the GH4, before Mallory starts her next painting.


  • "Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow." - Sagan (cutting off Stephen's outro)
    • "What?" - Mal

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