I Missed You! (Day 385 - 12 14 10)04:51

I Missed You! (Day 385 - 12 14 10)

I Missed You! (Day 385 - 12/14/10)
Date: December 14th, 2010
Running Time: 4:51

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  • Stephen's Parents' House
  • Airplane
  • Airport - Minneapolis, Wisconsin
  • Mallory's Car
  • Walmart
  • Mallory's Dorm - UW Stout


It's the day of Stephen's trip to Wisconsin to be with Mallory for Christmas Break, after four months of being apart. There will be baggage, airplanes, emotional hugs, car trips, lots of snow, a trip to Walmart, and a look at Mallory's dorm. What can go wrong in the next two weeks?


  • From 2:30 PM ET, it took Stephen seven hours to get to Minneapolis, Wisconsin after three flights, and when Stephen arrived, it was 8:30 PM CT, so in ET, it would have been 9:30 PM ET.
  • The last time Stephen & Mal were together physically on the vlog was near the end of Summer Vacation, when Stephen departed from Mal and Wisconsin 106 days ago.

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