I Love Magic (Day 592 - 7 9 11)05:54

I Love Magic (Day 592 - 7 9 11)

I Love Magic (Day 592 - 7/9/11)
Date: July 9th, 2011
Running Time: 5:54

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  • Apocalypse Comics
  • Stephen's car
  • Seth's house
  • A movie theater
  • Stephen's parents' house


Today is the Magic 2012 pre-release, so Stephen, Mal, and William, Stephen's neighbor, stop by Apocalypse Games for the event.

Afterwards, Stephen and Mal meet up with Seth, who has recently returned from Africa... with a genuine African sword with several daggers built in. They go watch the film Super 8 together.

Stephen ends the vlog by professing his love for Magic.


  • Stephen: "It was way better than Cloverfield."
    • Seth: "So is taking a dump."

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