I Like This Place Already, There's Goats (Day 80 - 2 12 10)08:43

I Like This Place Already, There's Goats (Day 80 - 2 12 10)

I Like This Place Already, There's Goats (Day 80 - 2/12/10)
Date: February 12th, 2010
Running Time: 1:32

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • The dorm at SCAD
  • Stephen's car
  • African Village Oyotunji
  • Panera Bread

Summary Edit

Stephen wets the bed (with sweat), and goes to the African village. Stephen and Alex play EarthBound on their DS's and compare hardware, and Alex screws around with Stephen's copy of Personal Trainer: Cooking. Stephen, Alex, and Dan go to Panera bread. Stephen finds some CDs he ordered from Amazon in his Mailbox, Dan wonders which side of a double-sided Grand Theft Auto poster he should display, and everybody goes outside to see what passes for snow in Savannah. Alex plays GTA and tells Stephen not to film him, and Mallory opens her Valentine's gift from Stephen via webcam. The gift included some Magic boosters, from which Mallory pulled a Wrexial. Stephen edits a Ninten Speaks, and plays Tetris DS while he waits for it to render.

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