I Hallucinate Chiptunes • 2.2310:35

I Hallucinate Chiptunes • 2.23.17

I Hallucinate Chiptunes • 2.23.17
Date: February 23rd, 2017
Running Time: 10:34

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  • Dan's car
  • Plane
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Alex's car
  • Alex and Hayley's apartment


Stephen and Mal are being driven by Dan to the airport, to go to LA. On the way, Stephen talks about how he had barely slept over the past 3 days.

Once they land at LAX, Stephen and Mal take off the surgical masks they had been wearing so they wouldn't catch any other illnesses. They then talk about how fun it was to wear the masks, since people were so scared of them.

Alex and Hayley pick them up from the airport, and they talk some more about how great it was to wear the masks. Stephen also mentions that he hallucinated chiptunes playing on the plane.

When they reach Alex's and Hayley's apartment, they eat dinner and Stephen films Hayley's new streaming set-up. He then talks about their plan for tomorrow, which includes shopping for clothes for Stephen.


  • "Today is a momentous day. Because today, not only starts a fun adventure, a fun relaxation-filled vacation-" - Stephen
    • "Without Dan." - Dan

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