I Had A Party (Day 256 - 8 7 10)05:02

I Had A Party (Day 256 - 8 7 10)

I Had A Party (Day 256 - 8/7/10)
Date: August 7, 2010
Length: 5:01

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  • Stephen's Parents' house


The vlog begins with Stephen filming Rocko while the party is going on, the proceeds to film the party. At the party, they play a little Halo, Apples to Apples, and Golf, where Stephen forgets to say he had a party. They also play Wii bowling, Left for Dead, and Katamary Damacy, although not everyone plays every game. After the party (which ends at 7:30 a.m.), Stephen talks about how it went.


  • Stephen: "That's a lot of wieners in a pile."

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