I Get The Bacon (Day 289 - 9 9 10)06:50

I Get The Bacon (Day 289 - 9 9 10)

I Get The Bacon (Day 289 - 9/9/10)
Date: September 12th, 2010
Running Time: 6:50

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  • Steve & Debra's House
  • Snooky's


Stephen begins the vlog talking about his time reformatting the Hackintosh and getting prepared for returning to school. Afterward he goes to eat at Snooky's. Returning from Snooky's Stephen continues to pack and shows some motivational posters he'd forgotten to show in the past. He then asks viewers to send them and future ones to the fan photos section on his Facebook page so they can all be in one place, with easy access for viewing.


  • Stephen mentions Day 222 in the vlog.

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