I Don't Know About Any of This • 3.2407:36

I Don't Know About Any of This • 3.24.17

I Don't Know About Any of This • 3.24.17
Date: March 24th, 2017
Running Time: 7:35

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  • McAlister's Deli
  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen and Mal's house


Stephen and Mallory start off the vlog day with lunch with Dan and William at McAlister's. Stephen attempts to start the vlog, while Dan and William make jokes about asking the store to let them film and try to sing tunes to cover up the loud copyrighted music playing in the background. Stephen eventually decided to just quickly film the food to use later in the video.

Stephen and gang finish lunch, buy some groceries, and then it's time for the vlog to start officially. Mal mentions that they only bought lettuce and mangoes, and Stephen adds that they just bought enough until tomorrow, which is when they will go "real grocery shopping". They then talk about the agenda for the day: Mal has to finish her video for the Halo painting.

Back at the house, it's dinner time and Mal is making tomato pesto fish again. Stephen says that they are making good progress and the video should be out the next day. He also says that they will probably go to bed after the video starts exporting.

Some time later, they have finished editing the video! Stephen discusses how much he enjoys creating videos with a high production value with Mal, particularly how they use the music of the video games. He was prompted to say this since Halo's music is so good. Anyway, the video is done, so it's time for bed.


  • "Thanks for eating with us! ...and preventing loneliness." - Stephen
    • "Do we have to leave the car now? Is that what you were-" - Dan
    • "Yeah, in the parking lot of Publix? Yeah... I'm sorry. You guys are gonna have to walk from here." - Stephen


  • The vlog title comes from Stephen being unsure of whether he could use the first clip in the vlog, which led him to say "I don't know about any of this."
  • Stephen was originally going to cut out the first clip in this vlog, but decided to leave it in to show viewers what cut vlog footage is like.
  • Dan attempted to hum the Master Ninja theme song from MST3K in the first clip, to cover up the copyrighted music playing in the store.

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