I Didn't Get To Trade Pokemans (Day 214 - 6 26 10)-009:49

I Didn't Get To Trade Pokemans (Day 214 - 6 26 10)-0

I Didn't Get To Trade Pokemans (Day 214 - 6/26/10)
Date: June 26, 2010
Length: 9:48

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  • Stephen's Car
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Stephen's house


The vlog begins with Stephen and Mallory going to the beach and doing various errands.

Before going to the beach, they check his mail and eat at Zaxby's.

At the beach, Stephen cannot trade Pokémon because his Gastly is not a Haunter yet, so they go boogie boarding. He attempts to level his Pokémon, but his DS dies before he can trade with Austin.

He then proceeds to open the letter he got in the mail. Alan (SirCampbellSoup) in Elizabethtown, NC sends him a few signed lands and various other cards.

He then plays Chrono Trigger live for .


  • Stephen: "I prefer it hot, but we can't all be men."
    • Mallory: "We can't all be Southern, either."
    • Stephen: "I know. It's a shame. God couldn't bless all of us. Just some of us."

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