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I Can't Watch My Game! (Day 275 - 8 26 10)04:15

I Can't Watch My Game! (Day 275 - 8 26 10)

I Can't Watch My Game! (Day 275 - 8/26/10)
Re-upload Date: June 14th 2014
Running Time: 4:15



  • DMV
  • T.G.I. Fridays
  • Mallory's Father's house
  • Applebees


The vlog starts with Stephen and Mal going to the DMV to get a license plate for a car. When they leave Stephen once agin questions whether or not filming a license plate is legal and it flashes back to a previous vlog where a license plate said BEETIS. They go and have lunch at T.G.I Fridays and on the way home stopped at a usd game store off camera and got  Metal Gear Solid. When they get back to the house Karley's trying to watch football, but the sound is way off. It then cuts to Stephen, Mal, Karley, and Stephanie eating at Applebees. The vlog ends with a shot of Karley eating a mozzarella stick.


  • This vlog was temporarily removed from youtube due to copyright.


  • Stephen: "Someone find out and let me know and then I'll start blurring them again"
  • Stephen: "Is this like a national thing or is this just  like a Wisconsin problem?"
  • Stephen: "And you wanna explain where everyone else is? Not Applebees!"
  • Karley: "Love it so much I work here now"

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