I Can't Break My Fast (Day 245 - 7 27 10)-004:31

I Can't Break My Fast (Day 245 - 7 27 10)-0

I Can't Break My Fast (Day 245 - 7/27/10)
Date: July 27, 2010
Length: 4:31

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  • Stephen's Car
  • West Town Mall
  • Gatlinburg house


The vlog begins with Stephen discussing that they are driving to Knoxville with 6 other cars, or roughly 25+ people. They arrive at the West Town Mall and Stephen notes that they meant to go to the East Town Mall, but he did not listen to Mallory. At the West Town Mall, all of the Starmen.netters eat lunch and one of them cannot eat because he is fasting as part of his religion. Back at the house, people sing parts of "Bohemian Rhapsody". Stephen discusses that the less he shoots there, the better a time they are having.


  • Mallory: "Everyone has sunglasses but you, Chaz."
    • Chaz: "I don't believe in sunglasses."
    • Stephen: "Sunglasses don't believe in you."

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