I Actually Wore This (Day 488 - 3 27 11)05:36

I Actually Wore This (Day 488 - 3 27 11)

I Actually Wore This (Day 488 - 3/27/11)
Date: March 27th, 2011
Running Time: 5:36

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  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen's dorm


It's a very rainy day in Savannah today. They spend some time emptying the fridge of spoiled food, and Alex takes it upon himself to dump out his spoiled milk in the rain. Since Stephen soaks his sandals in the rain, he decides to wear socks, shoes, and shorts out to dinner. He asks the viewers if this is a major issue for them.

Towards the end of the vlog, Stephen expresses his excitement for the new Minecraft updates.

Quotes Edit

  • Alex [as Stephen is driving across a rainy, flooded road]: "It's like a waterslide, except we might die."

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