IT'S SO ART! (Day 1712 - 8 2 14)07:54

IT'S SO ART! (Day 1712 - 8 2 14)

IT'S SO ART! (Day 1712 - 8/2/14)
Date: August 2nd, 2014
Running Time: 7:54

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  • Muncie, IN
    • Chaz and Jeff's house
    • An airport


Jeff makes some coffee from the beans that he roasted the previous day. Stephen remarks that the difference in taste between this coffee and store-bought coffee is incredibly subtle, but noticeable.

The gang picks up Alex and Thomas from the airport, then spend lots of time hanging out and playing games, including playing on the Wii U and eating three different kinds of pizza. During a game, Stephen tries out some new cinematic techniques with his camera.


  • Stephen: "It's the most cinematic thing that I've ever done. It's beautiful, except half the screen is the table... IT'S SO ART!"

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