I've Never Seen a Physical Copy (Day 2214 - 12 17 15)10:18

I've Never Seen a Physical Copy (Day 2214 - 12 17 15)

I've Never Seen a Physical Copy (Day 2214 - 12/17/15)
Date: December 17th, 2015
Running Time: 10:17

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment
  • Durham, NC
    • Fairfield Inn & Suites
    • The Apple Store
    • The Streets at Southpoint
    • Doctor's office
  • Edward McKay Used Books & More Raleigh


Stephen and Mal go visit a doctor for Stephen's medical issues. Stephen gets a new diagnosis with some medicine, so hopefully things start looking up soon.

On their way home, Stephen and Mal stop by a used game store where Stephen finally finds a copy of International Superstar Soccer 2000 - this is one of the last games he needs to collect in order to complete his N64 game collection.

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