I'm Robert De Niro • 5.717:20

I'm Robert De Niro • 5.7.17

I'm Robert De Niro • 5.7.17
Date: May 7th, 2017
Running Time: 17:19

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  • Stephen's car
  • Publix carpark
  • Stephen and Mallory's house


It's time for Movie Club again, and Stephen and Mallory are excited to watch The Shining (1980) and Boyhood (2014)!

But before that, they need to pick up some groceries since it's their turn to make some dinner for Dan and Lindsey. They make some tacos, and get (force?) Dan and Lindsey to try some of the hot ginger ale they tried on Day 2697. Stephen compares it to whisky, which leads to Dan to jokingly say "I'm Robert De Niro."

They then watch The Shining (1980), which was pretty long (2.5 hours) but everyone enjoyed it even though no one in the group had seen it before. Stephen praises the film from the story to the music, the acting to the cinematography, and gives it a wholehearted 5 out of 5 stars.

After that, they watch Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) from Mal's list. They couldn't watch Boyhood (2014), since the movie is really long, it was getting late and Lindsey needed to get up early the next day. It's a comedy-horror film, and they all found it was a good time.

Before ending the day, they pick the movies for next time which are Ex Machina (2014) and Date Night (2010) from Dan's and Lindsey's lists respectively.


  • "You've been on the nip, I should keep my feet away from you. It seems like a good way to lose a finger." - Stephen (to Sagan)


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