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I'm Not A Dental Hygienist (Day 1548 - 2 19 14)05:23

I'm Not A Dental Hygienist (Day 1548 - 2 19 14)

I'm Not A Dental Hygienist (Day 1548 - 2/19/14) Date: March 18th 2014 Running Time: 5:23



  • Stephen and Mal's Apartment
  • Outside


The vlog starts out with Stephen filming a cardinal and declaring that it's Spring. He and Mal go for a bike ride, and he says that they're going biking with someone else soon (it's also nice to be outside). They go back to the apartment and Kepler tries to drink out of Stephen's cup during dinner. Finally, he asks the viewers whether or not they close their eyes when they go to the dentist: Steve closes his eyes when getting his teeth worked on, but Stephen simply looks off into the distance.

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