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Huntsville (Day 1334 - 7 20 13)04:01

Huntsville (Day 1334 - 7 20 13)

Huntsville (Day 1334 - 7/20/13)
Date: July 20th, 2013
Running Time: 4:01



  • Myrtle Beach Airport
  • Wilmington Airport
  • Front Street Brewery
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen and Mal pick up Hayley from the Myrtle Beach Airport, then Lindsey from Wilmington.  All four of them go to dinner and then head back home.  They plan for various activities the next day, and head off to bed.


  • Near the beginning of the vlog, Stephen dubs over some of his voice due to windy weather.  In his words, "It's not something I plan to do often, if ever again. The only reason I did it this time was about 80% of the audio was completely unintelligible."
  • Stephen explaining the origin of the vlog title: "Lindsey had a flight from Chicago to Atlanta, but because of the weather they rerouted her to Huntsville, AL. When she arrived, she was informed they were going to Atlanta anyway. So Huntsville was completely unnecessary. To commemorate the ridiculous nature (and her first visit to Alabama), she bought the shirt."

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