Guide to Vlog Days Edit

The Vlog Day pages are to comprise most of the information on the Vlog. Without them, we have nothing to build on. What good is a page on Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear if we don't have the pages for the days he appeared in to link to? They are our meat and potatoes, and we need your help chronicling them all.

Every Vlog day is to follow this same basic outline:

  • The actual video (on Youtube), embedded
  • Links to the previous and following Vlogs
  • People
  • Locations
  • Summary
  • Quotes (if any)
  • Notes (if any)

Please DO NOT create new pages and then not fill any of the sections in. It makes it difficult for us to track our progress.

If you haven't already, create an account. Anonymous editing is dumb—how will we credit you with making a bunch of sweet pages if you haven't signed in?

We're going to be working our way from the beginning. To begin a new page, first go to a recently completed page, click Edit, then click "Edit Source". This will give you the Wiki Markup, which is what I recommend editing in. Select all (ctrl+a), and copy (ctrl+c). Now you've got a template copied to your clipboard. Head back to the main page and click "Add a page" (alternatively click the red text of a link for the page you want to create). Name the page exactly as it appears on the vlog (copy and paste for best results). Once you've got your page created, click "Edit Source" again, paste your copied text, then begin editing as necessary.

Vlogs are also placed into categories based on where they take place; either Myrtle Beach Vlogs, Savannah Vlogs, Traveling Vlogs, or Columbia Vlogs. Days can be placed into categories by entering [[Category:The Appropriate Category]] in the "Categories" tab on the right side of the editing screen. Traveling Vlogs are Vlogs during which Stephen is in none of the aforementioned places, usually when he is on vacation. When he goes from one place that has its own category to another in a single Vlog day, please include that day in both categories.

Let's Plays are placed into the category "StephenPlays" and Memorable Moments are placed into the category "Memorable Moments".

If all of that was way too confusing, check out this video instead:

How to Edit StephenWiki

For a more detailed explanation, check out this step-by-step tutorial: How to Edit Vlog Days

If it isn't obvious from the summary why the title of a day was chosen, please explain it in the notes section. If it is obvious, then don't bother. Notes are for things that need to be explained.

Remember to add completed pages to the List of Vlog Days page!

Other Rules and Guidelines Edit

  • No last names should be used on people, with the exception of Stephen Georg. For consistency, you can always shorten his name to simply "Stephen".
  • Stephen lives in the United States, and so he uses the American date format on his videos (Month/Day/Year, or Day of the Week, Month/Day/Year where applicable).
  • If a day's Notes and/or Quotes section doesn't have anything in it, delete the section or sections. If you're starting a page for a day, and there weren't any good quotes or anything worth noting, don't bother adding those sections.

Thank YouEdit

Any help on Stephen Wiki is greatly appreciated and if you ever need any help you can ask the administrators; Dpstatic, Residujuan, SilverXangel, or Cruzdbluz or leave a comment on this page. Happy editing!