How to Play..16:30

How to Play... 1,000 Blank White Cards

How to Play... 1,000 Blank White Cards
Date: June 4th, 2012
Running Time: 16:30

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  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen explains how to play 1,000 Blank White Cards just like he promised in the previous Vlog day. He says that it is best for 2-6 players and each person needs to draw 10-20 cards on blank pieces of paper before starting because they are used to play the game. People draw five cards from a stack mixed with cards that all the players created and the game ends when there are no cards left in the deck, and players draw one card each every turn. The person with the most points is considered the winner.

Cards are created with a title, an accompanying drawing, sometimes the number of points that the player who draws the card is awarded, and sometimes a description of who the card can be applied to, except for some cards which require players to do certain things. Cards can be played in three places; your play area, another player's play area, or the center, to determine which players a card effects. The turn order goes in clockwise direction, and cards' effects can be voted upon if they are too powerful.

If a player draws a blank card they can make their own card on the spot, and points are only counted at the end of the game because there are so many cards that drastically alter the amount of points. Then Stephen asks the Vlog viewers to send their own 1,000 Blank White Cards cards and games as video responses, and he shows some of the cards he and his friends created on Day 918.


  • The game doesn't actually require 1,000 blank white cards.

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