Hot From Mama's Oven (Day 121 - 3 25 10)05:23

Hot From Mama's Oven (Day 121 - 3 25 10)

Hot From Mama's Oven (Day 121 - 3/25/10)
March 25th, 2010
Running Time: 5:22

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  • Dorm at SCAD
  • Red Lobster


The vlog starts by cutting around to Ian stopping by, Stephen saying it's Nick's birthday, and Mallory playing a game on the computer. Since it's Nick's birthday, they all go out to Red Lobster. They have a conversation about eating more when you're already full and how you make more room to eat.

Back at the dorm, Ian and his wife Kris stop by and they chat for awhile. Mallory stuffs the icing flower that had a lot of icing into Stephen's mouth.

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