Holy Praying Mantis, Batman! (Day 580 - 6 27 11)07:43

Holy Praying Mantis, Batman! (Day 580 - 6 27 11)

Holy Praying Mantis, Batman! (Day 580 - 6/27/11)
Date: June 27th, 2011
Running Time: 7:43

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  • Columbia, SC
    • Richland Mall
    • McAlister's Deli
    • Sunoco
  • Stephen's parents' house


After Mal's interview, she and Stephen stop by the Richland Mall, which is eerily vacant. So instead, they stop by McAlister's for lunch then make the trip back home.

Stephen films some mantises hanging on to a fan outside his parents' house, then shows off the rest of the garden. Debra makes some delicious stuffed portobello mushrooms for dinner. They watch some TV to end off the day, and Stephen says that he has a dance recital to edit after reformatting hsi computer.

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