Happy Birthday To Stevie Georg! (Day 281 - 9 1 10)07:42

Happy Birthday To Stevie Georg! (Day 281 - 9 1 10)

Happy Birthday To Stevie Georg! (Day 281 - 9/1/10)
Date: September 1st, 2010
Running Time: 7:42

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  • Stephen's Parents' House
  • The doctor's office
  • Steve's car
  • K&W Cafeteria
  • Dixie Stampede


Stephen heads to the doctor's office to get a spot on his chest looked at. He isn't sure what it is, but it's likely nothing since it's been fine for the past four to five years.

It's also Steve's birthday! Stephen treats him to breakfast since he forgot about the birthday.

Stephen receives a letter from Next LVL Magic (Marshall L.) with some Magic: The Gathering cards. This fills in some of the gaps in the frame of signed land cards. He takes a quick nap since he only had three hours of sleep the previous night.

Stephen and his parents go to Dixie Stampede for Steve's birthday, and celebrate with a cake afterwards.

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