Happy Birthay (Day 1005 - 8 25 12)07:01

Happy Birthay (Day 1005 - 8 25 12)

Happy Birthay (Day 1005 - 8/25/12)
Date: August 25th, 2012
Running Time: 7:01

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  • Stephen and Mallory's apartment
  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen starts the vlog with dinner, which is his own chicken concoction (surprisingly it turns out to be okay). Stephen mentions that he played South Park (N64) earlier in the day, and says that it has horrible level design. Mal also attempted to make truffles, but they didn't turn out very well in terms of appearance.

They head over to Stephen's parents' house to celebrate Steve's birthday a little early. Afterwards, Stephen shows off his new Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen player's guide to compare it to the Pokémon Red/Blue guide. The newer guide surprisingly doesn't contain a lot of information that the Red/Blue guide has, such as pokémon that are available in different areas. So for the Pokémon LP, Stephen will have to use online sources for his information.

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