Halo Anniversary Release Party (Day 720 - 11 14 11)05:46

Halo Anniversary Release Party (Day 720 - 11 14 11)

Halo Anniversary Release Party (Day 720 - 11/14/11)
Date: November 14th, 2011
Running Time: 5:46

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  • Jarrett's car
  • GameStop
  • Stephen's apartment


Justin dresses up as Master Chief to pick up a copy of Halo: Anniversary at GameStop, which he gets for free, and Jarrett films him as he does. Justin also takes pictures with some customers while he is at the store. Stephen mentions that he ordered his copy off of Amazon.


  • Stephen did a 20-episode Let's Play of Halo: Anniversary.
  • Justin had a fan inside the suit to cool him, but it died halfway through the release event.
  • Stephen's appearance was mostly a cameo as he shows up only at the end.

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